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KMEA Bass Audition Material – Fingerings and Bowings

October 1, 2018

Hey, Kansas High School bassists, here are my suggested fingerings and bowings for KMEA District/All-State Orchestra Auditions. These are going to make your life a lot easier – make sure to especially follow the bowings. Feel free to print and distribute – use this link to download: KMEABassExcerptsFoleySuggestions2019. Best of luck!



KMEA Jazz Audition Tutorial

September 17, 2017

Hey, High School bass nerds – here’s my tutorial for winning the KMEA jazz audition this year: Click me!

KMEA State Orchestra Audition Stuff 2013

September 23, 2013

This is for all Kansas High School bassists auditioning for Regional/State Orchestra this year. I made a video of all the 2013 bass audition stuff. Check it out:

A fully fingered and bowed part is here: KMEA.Bass.Aud.2013.

These are professional-grade excerpts; I’ve had to prepare these for many full-time orchestra auditions. Most important, though, are the scales. Make sure to practice them a lot; the scales are the first thing the committee will hear. Keep the tempo steady and the tone beautiful. Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy auditioning!


The Orchestral Audition Repertoire List for Double Bass

December 31, 2008

This is the list. THE list.

It was published in an International Society of Bassists Journal about 30 years ago (Sorry, I don’t know the exact year for this citation).When I went to study with James Clute he gave me a xerox of it, and it became the syllabus for his class.

The article was written by Jack Wellbaum, former Personnel Manager of the Cincinatti Symphony. He polled thirty-two symphony orchestras in North America for their bass audition repertoire and compiled the results as follows:

Repertoire asked two or more times (Ranked according to the number of times they appeared on the list):

Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Beethoven Symphony No. 5

Mozart Symphony No. 40

Strauss Don Juan

Mahler Symphony No. 1

Strauss Ein Heldenleben

Brahms Symphony No. 1

Mozart Symphony No. 39

Tschaikovsky Symphony No. 4

Brahms Symphony No. 2

Britten Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5

Verdi Othello

Bach Suite No. 2 in B Minor

Beethoven Symphony No. 3

Beethoven Symphony No. 7

Ginastera Variaciones Concertantes

Haydn Symphony No. 88

Mahler Symphony No. 2

Mozart Marriage of Figaro Overture

Mozart Symphony No. 35

Mozart Symphony No. 41

Prokofiev Lieutenant Kije

Schubert “Great” C Major Symphony

Smetana Bartered Bride Overture

Strauss Till Eulenspiegel

Stravinsky Pulcinella

Beethoven Symphony No. 2

Brahms Symphony No. 4

Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals

Wagner Die Meistersinger

Repertoire asked only once:

Bach Violin Concerto in E Major

Beethoven Symphony No. 4

Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique

Brahms Symphony No. 3

Bruckner Symphony No. 7

Dragonetti Concerto in G Major

Frank Symphony in D Minor

Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4

Schoenberg Variations for Orchestra

Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra

Strauss Death and Transfiguration

Stravinsky L’Histoire du Soldat

Stravinsky Rite of Spring

Verdi La Forza del Destino

Verdi Rigoletto

Weber Euryanthe

Weber Der Freischutz

Every audition rep list I’ve seen lately has followed this pattern. When you know all these pieces, a concerto and a few movements of unaccompanied Bach, you’ll have 95% of all the rep you need to win an audition.